Can I Participate in The Telephone Pioneer QSO Party?

Yes Starting in 2015!

The divestiture of the Bell System in 1982 affected the associated companies in a way that is too complicated to contemplate. The resultant breakup muddied the waters for the then named Telephone Pioneers.

For the purposes of the Telephone Pioneer QSO Party, we will consider anyone who ever worked for the current sponsoring companies as a “Telephone Pioneer.” This will also include those subsidiaries that were completely separated from their former Bell System parent companies. An example would be Western Electric, Lucent, Teletype Corporation or various subsidiaries. In other words, you do not have be an official card-carrying member of the various pioneer organizations. It is purely voluntary on your part if you wish to become an “Official Pioneer Member” of a chapter.

The rules are changed starting in 2015, that contacts with non-pioneers will count and that we encourage the non-pioneers to operate as well. In this way we will publicize the goals of the Telephone Pioneers.

You will note that the some of the descendants of the Bell System companies are not on the following list. Those who were Telephone Pioneers are still Telephone Pioneers for the Telephone Pioneer QSO Party. The same applies to our Canadian and Independent Telephone Pioneer Association friends.

Which Chapter Should I Use in the Exchange?

The exchange consists of a signal report, Chapter Number and your name. The report and name are a “just nice to have.” The total number of different chapters (worked) is the multiplier used in calculating the score.

If you are unsure what Chapter to use, then the following links will help. Choose the appropriate organization and location that best matches your situation.  Our Telephone Party QSO rules will contain a list of the chapters and their numbers.

Non-Pioneers are Also Welcome.

Finally, if you were never an employee of the Bell System and its associated companies, as a Non-Pioneer you are welcome to participate in the QSO Party — send “599” as your Chapter Number.

List of Companies Sponsoring Pioneers

AT&T Pioneers

               All of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska       

Bell Aliant Pioneers

               Nova Scotia         
               New Brunswick       
               Prince Edward Island                    
               Newfoundland and Labrador               

Canadian Self Sponsored Pioneers


CenturyLink Pioneers

               Arizona             Iowa
               Colorado            North Dakota
               Minnesota           Oregon
               Montana             South Dakota
               Nebraska            Utah
               New Mexico          Washington
               Idaho               Wyoming

New Outlook Pioneers

               Alabama             Mississippi
               Arkansas            Missouri
               California          Nebraska
               Colorado            New Hampshire
               Florida             New Jersey
               Georgia             North Carolina
               Illinois            Ohio
               Indiana             Oklahoma
               Kansas              Pennsylvania
               Kentucky            South Carolina
               Louisiana           Tennessee
               Maryland            Texas
               Massachusetts       Virginia

SaskTel Pioneers


New Vision Pioneers

               California          New York
               Connecticut         North Carolina
               Delaware            Ohio
               Florida             Oregon
               Idaho               Pennsylvania
               Illinois            Rhode Island
               Kentucky            Texas
               Maine               Vermont
               Maryland            Virginia
               Massachusetts       Washington
               Missouri            West Virginia
               Nevada              Wisconsin
               New Hampshire       
               New Jersey

See you on the air October 17 and 18, 2015.  To participate, check out the full announcement of this year’s event!