Rules — 2010 TPQSO Party

The George S Ladd Radio Club (Golden Gate Chapter) cordially invite all Telephone Pioneers (TelecomPioneers) Amateur Radio Operators in the United States and Canada to participate in contacting as many members in as many chapters as possible, including members of the United States Telephone Pioneer Association. Phone Users: Call “CQ Telephone Pioneers”. CW and digital modes, call “CQ TP”.


Each mode is scored separately.

Each PHONE and CW/DIGITAL QSO is worth one contact point. Total score for that mode equals the contact points times Chapters worked in that mode. Only one multiplier may be taken for each chapter worked.

You may work the same station on different bands both for Phone and CW/Digital.

New this year!

You may work the same station in your own chapter on different bands, both Phone and CW/Digital.


New this year!
Saturday, Dec 4, 2010 1900-2300Z CW, DIGITAL
Sunday, Dec 5, 2010** 0100-0500Z PHONE
Sunday, Dec 5, 2010 1900-2300Z PHONE
Monday, Dec 6, 2010 ** 0100-0500Z CW, DIGITAL
REMINDER: **The Sunday and Monday 0100-0500Z times are really Saturday and Sunday evening in the United States!

Suggested Frequencies:

160 1810-1820 1820-1825 1850-1860
80 3540-3560 3560-3565 3880-3900
40 7025-7040 7040-7045 7178-7210
20 14040-14060 14060-14065 14240-14300
15 21040-21060 21060-21065 21360-21400
10 28040-28060 28060-28065 28450-28480
6 50.0-50.1 50.4 50.1 – 50.3
2 144.08-144.1 145.6 Local Simplex or
1.25 (220 MHz) 222.1 223.6 Local Simplex or
70 cm (420-450 MHz) 432.1 432.6 Local Simplex or


The last two digits of the year you became a Telephone Pioneer, (if you do not recall your Telephone Pioneer year, then use the last two digits of the year of your net credited service date) and then the chapter number (USTPA: club or chapter number).

For example if you became a Telephone Pioneer in 1988, and are a member of Chapter 138, then the exchange would be “88 138”.


If possible, return summary sheets and logs via your Pioneer Amateur Radio Coordinator. Please use the summary sheet. Send your summary sheet and logs, postmarked no later than Jan. 23, 2011, or via email to:

Jim Muiter N6TP
4233 Wooster Av
San Mateo, CA 94403
email: n6tp, at arrl, dot, net.


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